In­nen­­ver­­tre­­tung München

Shape munich’s school life with us!


Die StadtschülerInnenvertretung München is the official representation of all pupils within munich. We represent the interests of all schools in munich. We get in conctat with politicians and communicate our positions publicly. Munichs city council commissioned a team to develop a concept in autmn 2007 and agreed on founding the StadtschülerInnenvertretung München in spring 2008. In autmn 2008 the SSV München started with its work.

We contact politicans and society on behalf of Munichs students. Our commitment is unsalaried and therefore cannot be perfect. Nevertheless, we do our best to achieve our goals: Making schools better for pupils! To meet our schoolmates’ needs we continously stay in contact with them and improve our knowledge in various tranings.

All the pupils involved meet each other regulary to exchange their ideas and to run new projects. The team consists of the executive board with 18 members (three for each type of school), other active team members and one educational assistant. The exceutive board is elected each year by representatives of munichs’ schools at the StadtschülerInnenKonferenz. This team is responsible for running the daily business. The educational assistant ist pedagogue and helping hand at the same time. He assists the executive board and handles basic organisational tasks.

team meetings

Monday & Thursday

5:30 pm

Rupprechtstraße 29